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Remember to bring your 3Daaa card to all shoots.  

Due to COVID 19, membership renewal was extended by 3 Months . Please renew your membership before the

1st October 2020.

Results of  September Trophy Shoot now available  on Shoot Results page

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TBC President

I. Blann

For more information please visit our Facebook page


The Trophy Bowhunting Club of SA Inc. (T.B.C.) commenced in 1980 by a small group of people who “wanted somewhere to shoot a bow and arrow”.  Since then, T.B.C. has remained a strong and highly respected Archery Club in the State.

The club offers a field archery course, consisting of 20 target butts, set on 35 acres of picturesque hilly terrain. There is also a coaching and practice area that is flat and easily accessable.
In addition to these targets, the club has over forty 3D targets for use in club competition. 
The club also has a substantial practice range with all day practice available from ten to thirty meters. Our target facilities offer a wide variety of activities for its members and cater for the majority of equipment levels and types.

  • Coaching is available for beginners  only between the hours of  9:30pm and 12:00pm on Sunday’s practice days, refer to the Calender. 
  • A venue where members can practice their archery skills.

  • Competitions at club level. T.B.C holds on average 9 Trophy Shoots a year and no matter what your archery ability or age there is a grade to suit every one.

  • During the Daylight Saving months, a Wednesday afternoon 3D competition is available for the more experienced archer.

  • Fun shoots at T.B.C and at other archery venues.

  • Competition at State and at National level is also offered to the more dedicated archer.

  • Encourages family participation whether an archer or spectator.

As you can see from the above, T.B.C has a great deal to offer it’s members and it is up to the individual how involved you become.

What is field archery?


A Sport For The Whole Family - Field archery involves shooting at targets of varying and often unmarked distance, typically in woodland and rough terrain.

Archery is one of the few sporting activities that people of all ages can freely enjoy and not be forced into retirement or become a spectator through the normal ageing process. As a sport it will appeal to all ages from 8 to 80, +/- a few years either way, whatever their ability, providing they can draw a bow suitable to their style and aspirations.

It is one of a small number of sporting activities that allows all family members to compete at the same time and at the same venue but within their own class. A typical shooting session will have juniors shooting at distance’s dependant on age, along side the ladies and men. Within these age groups there are a number of separate disciplines based on a different bow class i.e. long bow, recurve, compound etc.

Although archery is an Olympic sport and is highly competitive it is also at the other end of the scale a sociable sport with every conceivable level of participation in between. Participants find their own level whether it is competitive and/or social and can really enjoy themselves in a true and friendly fashion.

So if your looking for an activity that all the family can participate in or even as an individual, then field archery is for you.

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