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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I'm not sure if I can hit anything! You can come to the club, twice, to see if field archery is for you. It won't cost you anything. After that we'll ask you to join the club. And even then your first visit as a member is free.

  2. What equipment do I need to buy? Stop right there, don't buy anything until you know what you really want/need. Come along and ask lots of questions! The club has hire bows and arrows.

  3. Do I get taught or do I have to learn on my own? To start with you won't be able to even go to the practice butts with out the aid of a coach, he/she will assess your development and in due course will you will be asked to join a group to shoot on one of the courses. This may happen on the second visit to the club.

  4. How do I join? Ask for a membership pack from the counter at the club.

  5. Is it dangerous? We have an excellent safety record spanning the past 30 years. The nature of our sport requires the archer to walk on uneven terrain so care must be taken while on the course, suitable footwear is a must.

  6. What does it cost to join? Please see the Fee Structure page.

  7. Are there Range Fees? Please see the Fee Structure page.

  8. What competition is there for me? The club holds Trophy Shoots on a regular basis throughout the year and then there's the National and World Titles.

  9. How serious does the competition get? As with most sports, you get out what you put in. Field Archery is no different, however you can participate at any level of competition and have a great time and make new friends at the same time.

  10. Is your club a hunting club or a target club? Not all TBC members wish to hunt, predominantly we are target archers but there are those of us that do take feral game.

  11. Can I get a key to use the clubs facilities on closed days? No, we are only open on designated shoot days found on our calendar.

  12. Can I schedule a coaching session other than Sunday morning? No, Coaching is only available from 9:30AM to 11:00PM.

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