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Our Club Rules

  1. The TBC Field Archers website ( is the preferred means of passing information to members. We are also on FACEBOOK.

  2. Members should regularly check for updates to planned events and changes to Club Rules and Regulations.

  3. Members without internet access may utilise the TBC phone number to request information regarding course closure during forecast adverse weather.

1.0    Safety


1.1       Crossbows are prohibited at TBC grounds and sanctioned activities.
1.2       Bows are not to be modified from manufacturer’s specification in such a manner as to decrease their safety or integrity.
1.3       Bows are to be in good repair at all times. (If unsure an archer should check with the club Safety Officer or committee member).
1.4       Bows are not to exceed 80 pounds peak draw weight.

1.5       Arrows must meet manufacturer’s minimum weight and spine requirement for the bow from which they are to be used.
1.6       Arrows that are damaged or have been repaired in such a way as to change their spine or integrity shall not be used.
1.7       Broadheads are prohibited with the exemption of specially sanctioned club events.
1.8      Field Points are not to exhibit any flutes or edge such as to present a cutting surface.
1.9       Field Points are to be of a diameter suitable for the shaft to which they are fitted. (This ensures minimal damage to targets and prevents points remaining in targets).

1.10     Quivers shall be of such construction so as to prevent injury to the archer from arrows should a fall occur.
1.11     Arrows shall only be carried in a suitable quiver/container whenever moving about on TBC grounds.
1.12     Members and visitors using bow quivers shall ensure bows are carried to the target location. Arrows are to be stowed in the quiver before leaving the proximity of target area.

1.13     Camouflage clothing is prohibited during normal range activities with the exemption of hats, footwear and archery accessories. 
1.14     Open footwear is prohibited on TBC ranges. Footwear should provide adequate protection for field conditions.

1.15     Consideration should be given to sun protection whilst participating in range activities as limited cover exists. 



2.0    Club Facilities

Attendance Register 
2.1       Members and visitors are to sign in on the Attendance Register upon arrival and sign out prior to departure from TBC.

Opening and Close-up 
2.2       All members present are to assist in opening and closing of club facilities.

2.3       Government regulations prevent any smoking inside club facilities.
2.4       Designated smoking areas only are to be used.
2.5       Cigarette butts must be properly extinguished and disposed of only in the ash trays provided.

2.6      All members are to be aware of safety evacuation procedures. Visitors are to be given a safety brief upon arrival to TBC.

Assembly Points 
2.8       On activation of the evacuation alarm (3 blasts of an air horn) members and visitors present at club facilities are to assemble in the car park. 
2.9       Members and visitors on the course at the time of activation are to assemble at the target shed. Under direction of the senior member present, all persons are then to proceed to the club car park.
2.10     Once all members and guests are assembled at the club car park the senior member is to utilise the Attendance Register to account for all persons.  

2.11     All members shall ensure club facilities and grounds are kept tidy, free of rubbish and well maintained.
2.12     Broken Arrows pose a safety hazard; every possible effort should be made to locate all arrow components, and remove them from the range.

Working Bees 
2.13     All members are encouraged to attend working bees.

New Members or Shooting Visitors 
2.14     All new members or visitors intending to use club range facilities are to be referred to a committee member, coach or the senior member present in lieu there of.

Club Access 
2.15     No person is to enter TBC grounds outside of promulgated club activities, in the case of extenuating circumstances, permission may be sought through a committee member.

3.0      Adverse Conditions

Hot Weather 
3.1       When the bureau of Meteorology ( forecasts Adelaide's temperature to be 36° or more, only "A" course and the Practice Range will be opened and made available on that day. The committee member in charge will place a sign restricting "A" Course to the first 10 targets only.

When the TBC balcony temperature reaches 36°, "A" course will also be closed and unless a dramatic temperature reduction is recorded, the range will remain closed for the remainder of the day. The practice range will remain open subject to more than one person being present and subject to other normal procedures.

In the event that a 3DAAA or TBC Competition has been planned and Adelaide's temperature is forecast to be 36° or more, as above, the event will be cancelled or postponed.

In any event the Club Rooms will remain open providing sufficient numbers are available for General Social Acitivities, Discussions, Equipment Repairs etc.

Wet and Windy Conditions 
3.2       Should the senior member present on course determine that course conditions have degraded to the point of being dangerous; the course is to be closed and all members on course notified as such.

Fire Ban       
3.3       No naked flames or heat dissipating tools or machinery shall be used during fire bans.


4.0    Personal Conduct

4.1       Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children at all times whilst present at TBC.

4.2       Skylarking whilst archery is in progress is not permitted.

4.3       Distracting an archer whilst in the act of shooting may lead to an accident, therefore not permitted. Common courtesy is to be applied at all times.

Mobile Phones 
4.4       Mobile phones are to be switched off or placed in ‘quite mode’ whilst attending any range shoot.


4.5       Equity and Diversity is to apply at all times. If your actions make a member or visitors feel uncomfortable or upset, it is time to re-assess your behaviour.

4.6       Pets must be on a leash and under full control of their owner at all times whilst on TBC grounds.
4.7       Pets are prohibited at all TBC organised hunting activities.


5.0    General Shooting

Range Officer 
5.1       Directions given by the duty Range Officer are to be followed at all times.

Un-safe Act 
5.2       At anytime when an un-safe act is observed, the person doing so is to shout “STOP, STOP, STOP”, all archers must:
                  a.         Letdown
                  b.         Place all arrows in their quiver
                  c.         Await further instruction

5.3       Beginners are not allowed on the Field Course prior to completion of a ‘Safety Assessment’ by the Safety Officer, Club Coach or Committee Member.
5.4       Beginners are not permitted to use any range facility unless accompanied by an experienced member. The accompanying member is to offer tutorage and ensure all safety aspects are maintained.

Archers under 16 years of age 
5.5       Persons under the age of 16 years are not permitted to utilise any range facility unless supervised by an experienced adult member.

Release Aids 
5.6       Members using release aids are to ensure that safety devices fitted to such are utilised at all times. In the case of no safety device being fitted the archer is ensure that the activating mechanism is guarded during the draw cycle.         (Finger or thumb behind the trigger).

Draw Cycle 
5.7       Archers are to ensure their bow arm remains parallel at all times during the draw cycle. At no time is the bow arm to be raised to such a height that the archer has no vision as to the arrows point of impact.

Range Entry 
5.8       All range fees are to be paid in full prior to using any TBC range facility.
5.9       At no time is any person allowed to enter a range facility unless shooting, accompanying a shooting group as an observer or detailed with a specific club task.

Course Layout 
5.10     No changes are to be made to the course layout without the permission of the club Range Officer, Safety Officer or club executive.
5.11     Archers are to ensure correct identification of the target for their current shooting position.
5.12     At no time is an arrow to be loosed from any point other then the designated shooting point for a particular target.
5.13     No person shall be forward of the designated firing point whilst shooting is in progress.
5.14     No person shall be within two metres of an archer in the process of shooting.

Lost Arrows 
5.15     Whilst searching for lost arrows members and visitors are to ensure either; a member is left at the shooting point or equipment is placed across the target butt. This is to alert following archers of persons being present behind the target.
5.16     Archers shall not delay following members or visitors by searching for lost arrows. A more through search may be conducted at such time as the range event is being closed.

Flora and Fauna 
5.17     No fauna is to be intentionally put down or injured whilst on TBC grounds.
5.18     No native flora is to be intentionally damaged or destroyed whilst on TBC grounds, unless required for safety reasons during course layout.

6.0    Range 

6.1       All members and visitors are to utilise existing or marked paths.
6.2       Members and visitors are prohibited from using ‘short cuts’ between designated ranges.
6.3       Archers shall not loose an arrow during club competitions until a start signal is given.
6.4       Archers are to ensure the full expanse of their target lane, area both in-front and behind the target is clear before loosing any arrow.



7.0    Hunting 

7.1       No hunting activity will be valid unless; such activity is approved by the TBC committee and recorded as a recognised club event and therefore non-sanctioned events will not be covered by the Club's insurance. All participants shall comply with TBC rules during the duration for foresaid activity.
7.2       All members shall have completed the TBC bowhunting Education Certificate (BEC).
7.3       One member shall be nominated “Hunt Coordinator” and as such be responsible for the overall coordination and compliance of all activities.
7.4       All hunting participants shall have a trauma kit comprising a minimum of:

  1. Space Blanket

  2. 2 x Compression Bandage

  3. Wound Bandage

7.5       All hunting participants shall have a serviceable UHF radio set to a previously agreed Safety Channel.
7.6       One member on each hunting party shall have a serviceable GPS with pre-programmed safety waypoints.
7.7       A safety vehicle shall be available is such case as emergency evacuation is required.
7.8       Sufficient water is carried such is to allow safe hydration levels to be maintained.
7.9       Hunting participants shall not bring TBC in to disrepute with Land Holders through their actions or by failing to comply with Land Holder requirements or these rules.
7.10     Hunting participants shall not bring TBC in to disrepute with any government body that regulates or controls any aspect related to a TBC approved hunting activity.

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